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How to Do the Medicine Ball Drill (Up Downs)

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Update time : 2020-06-02 10:20:31

This medicine ball drill strengthens the wepon and pushes your cardio conditioning although well. use a ball with a higher weight ought multiply the challenge and results.


1) begin by standing with the feet shoulder width apart, holding the medicine ball among your hands at bosom height.

2) bough the ball straight up at your head.

3) shut the ball down ought the foundation among your feet however however holding onto the medicine ball.

4) bough your feet assistance hence that you are at a push up location with your hands at the medicine ball.

5) fulfill a push up at the ball

6) spring your feet assistance ought their creative location (You are now crouched however holding the ball.

7) rise the ball ought bosom height.

8) lie and bough the ball straight up at the equal time.

9) quote although a three little round. This is an prime cross conditioning drill ought outline into martial arts drill routines.
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