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Paper Packaging History

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Author : Sylvia Chan
Update time : 2020-10-16 12:21:09
Food paper can is to use paper cans to package food. It is a way of packaging. 

To be specific, it is to seal the food in the paper can container and kill most of the microorganisms after high temperature treatment. It can also avoid the invasion of external microorganisms again, so that the food can be stored for a long time at room temperature. 

Glue and paper are the two most important and basic things for food paper cans. About glue: glue is generally white milk glue. If the adhesive force of the glue is not enough, the paper can will not be tight; the solid content in the glue also directly affects the quality of the paper can. If the solid content is not enough, the paper can is hard to dry, the initial adhesion is poor, and the waste rate is high,. Generally, do not add water to make paper can packaging tube, and add water to reduce the quality of paper tube.However, paper: the paper commonly used for making paper cans is sand tube paper, grey board paper, kraft paper, kraft paper, kraft paper, pure wood pulp paper, white cardboard, white paper, black paper, black cardboard and coated paper (double adhesive paper).

Kraft paper: kraft paper, thin and soft. Kraft liner is used to make kraft liner, which is thick and hard. It can be used for the packaging of exquisite gift paper cans, packing boxes, fine books and magazines, partition board, etc. Below 150g is generally kraft paper, and above 150g is generally called cattle pickup. Hardness of pickup! 

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