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Paper tube packaging

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Author : Sylvia Chan
Update time : 2020-11-05 10:40:19
When it comes to paper can packaging, in fact, we are not unfamiliar with it. We often see it in our daily life. In particular, food packaging, such as potato chips, salt, dried fruit, chicken essence and so on, more and more food use paper can packaging. For most people, they may know that can packaging is good, but why is it good? Do not know which is about it advantage. It may not be clear. To this end, Sylvia make up for you to introduce the paper can packaging in detail.

The secret you don't know about can packaging?
In recent years, the packaging industry has developed rapidly, and the packaging form has also undergone great changes. As a new type of packaging form, paper can is widely concerned by the market. Nowadays, the advantages of paper can packaging are increasingly obvious, and paper can packaging is favored by more and more industries, especially the food industry. At present, paper can packaging has been widely used in food, cosmetics, electronic products, gifts and other industries, and the market demand of paper can is increasing.

Paper can packaging is one of the typical representatives of green packaging. Paper can is the main raw material of paper, which is natural, safe and environmentally friendly. It can be completely degraded in the natural environment and will not cause pollution to the environment. It can be said that paper can is a very green and safe packaging form. From this point of view, paper can packaging is more suitable for food packaging, ensuring the safety of food.

The secret you don't know about can packaging?
Although it is paper can packaging, it can achieve good sealing performance, can effectively avoid the contact between the outside air and food, avoid the deterioration and mildew of food due to moisture, and ensure the safety of food. Although paper can packaging is recognized by more and more food enterprises, its sealing performance is still concerned for enterprises that have not tried paper can packaging. With the continuous progress of paper can packaging technology in China, the sealing performance of paper can packaging can completely achieve the sealing effect of plastic and metal packaging. Compared with the sealing performance of plastic and metal, the sealing performance of paper can packaging is not inferior at all.

The secret you don't know about can packaging?
In addition, paper can packaging can also present a better packaging effect, attracting consumers' attention. Paper can packaging has a variety of structural design, using flat bottom and flat cover and other production processes, combined with stamping, printing, UV printing and other printing processes, designed a high paper can packaging, which makes people have visual impact and enhance consumers' purchasing desire.

The above is more about paper can packaging, I believe you have more understanding of paper can packaging. If you have more questions about paper can packaging, contact to Sylvia Chan-Sales Manager
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