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Which one is better, paper cans or iron cans?

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Update time : 2020-01-07 18:43:51
More and more packaging designs begin to choose paper can packaging, But which one is better? paper can packaging or iron can packaging? Many people have doubts when shopping, especially as a mother, when buying milk powder, they are more tangled to buy paper can packaging or iron can packaging.

The good thing about paper can packaging is that paper can is a new type of environmental protection packaging. Paper can is paper raw material and can be recycled. The paper can packaging is breathable and has good maintenance performance. It is moistureproof and has better waterproof effect for rain and other weather. The smell of paper can is no pungent and smelly smell.

A lot of paper can packaging is used for food packaging, so the audit requirements are more stringent.. The shape of the paper can is various, the common cylinder shape, the cover bottom is closed type, and uses a variety of layer structure, and high temperature treatment. There are also liquid filled squares and cups.

The paper can packaging has a good sealing performance. It uses paper, polyethylene, aluminum foil and other multi-layer composite materials, and is easy to open. Tea, fruit juice, coffee and other beverages in paper can packaging form, eye-catching, display effect is good. And paper can packaging is light, about 1 / 3 of iron can.

Iron can is also has advantage. Compared with paper can packaging, iron can packaging has advantages in transportation, which will not be damaged, and iron can is not easily affected by temperature. But the price of tin packaging is much more expensive than that of paper packaging. The disadvantage of iron can is that it can't be insulated and easy to rust! Generally speaking, we should choose according to our specific needs.
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